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Oh the stress of deadlines and thoughtful pride. Hello again. As I said before, I have gone luka luka and chosen the path of entrepreneurship. I have set the date that by the end of October, my store should start pre-selling,atleast, to catch up with the “ber” months. As you all know, the “ber” months is the time period when the whole of humanity spends a lot of their money because of bonuses and gift-giving traditions. Instinct tells me that if I miss the timing then all will be lost. Going back, that is the first 70% of my stress. The remaining 30% comes from the fact that I have been strategically spreading the word to my friends that I have quit my day job and decided to go do my own thing. This partly motivates me not to quit, turn aside frustration and focus on the tasks to be done to catch up with my self-inflicted deadline. Because if I fail, goodbye my pride and reputation! and hello red-cheeked embarrassment and below the belt teasing. That’s my update for now!
Meanwhile, I’d like to share some cute cat pictures I shot while walking in Roxas Boulevard, Manila Bay.



My First Week of Freedom


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My first week of freedom has been hectic to say the least and to think that I haven’t really started yet on what I’m really supposed to do. I guess I’m still adjusting to this new routine of photography school, gym, part-timing as social media manager and entrepreneur. It’s scary too how often I had swiped my card last week considering my income budget has dwindled by half. Thankfully there’s Jake to motivate me 🙂


I’m Back!!


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After considering so many things, I finally let my crazy side dictate my practical side and resigned from my full-time job. I firmly told my boss that I decided to take a chance in life and start my own online business. To be more graphic on what I’m feeling now, see below photos.






Now hopefully, I’ll keep my motivation intact and not do any stupid, regretful things. Crossing my fingers ><

Letter to My Future Self


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I’m a firm believer of time capsules, particularly on writing letter to myself. It really shows how much I’ve changed as a person and a constant reminder that I should level-up as I grow older. Here’s my letter for the April 2014 version of myself.

Hello. How are you? I hope you’re closer to the things that satisfy you and you’re actually doing something worthwhile of your time. I mean, you’re investing your efforts in your own business and not just swallowing bullshit from other people.
I hope you’ve done travelling and not just stayed cooped up at work or wasted precious time daydreaming watching your favorite television shows and kdramas online. You really really need to change your habit of wasting time on useless things/people.
I hope you have more self-respect and self-confidence in your talent and capabilities enough to go on amazing adventures and find love.
And lastly, I hope your richer and sexier than the me now 🙂 PS If you’re depressed right now, I hope you won’t stop believing that you are capable of doing big things. After all, hindi ka pa naman patay diba?

-Diana April 2013

The Female Bullfighter by Picasso


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I am simply in love/mesmerized/caught up with this sketch by Picasso. I’m really not much of an art enthusiast myself but I really felt “something” when I saw this painting last year at the Hong Kong art museum. No w I understand why art could be so freaking expensive. I just couldn’t stop staring like a zombie at this sketch for hours for the whole afternoon. If my dad didn’t find me that time I would have looked longer. This is called The Female Bullfighter.

Snapshots of My Neighborhood


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Having to work non-stop for the past month, when the time for rest came, I really didn’t know what to do with myself. And so I took some pictures of my neighborhood.













Welcome to my world! Living in Manila is truly living in contrasts and renting rooms at vintage buildings. Sometimes I love being here and sometimes I hate it. Pros – I get to live affordably and see old buildings and be near to Manila’s best food destinations. Cons – Lack of peace and security in the area plus its very inaccessible to most civilizations Makati, Taguig and Quezon City.
Oh well, I do hope you like the photos I took

Photoshoot with Barbie Forteza


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One of the perks of my job is getting to meet celebrities up close and getting a gist of how a typical endorsement photoshoot works. Recently, it’s being able to meet Barbie Forteza. I was surprise on how she’s able to eat lots of food but still work professionally. It really is a synergy type of thing where you need the cooperation and talent of the photographer, stylist, makeup artist, and the model to get a good shot of a concept. Things like this make me reflect if I should try either being a photographer or makeup artist myself.

Sunday Workday doing the Harlem Shake


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I usually cringe whenever I needed to work on a Sunday but this time I had fun. With me feeling the fever coming on, it sure didn’t stop me from alternatively laughing out loud and cheering my team. Twice we were asked to present our permit probably because we were so loud and because we’ve actually attracted some crowd. Hihi.
This event was a spur-of-the-moment thing that we decided to do to advertise Fruitas. You can see the youtube video here. Enjoy 🙂