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After spending 1/3 of my life, I think I finally found an epiphany of sorts with myself and my world. Here’s what I learned from my 25 years:

1) Don’t compare yourself with others. Your time will come.

Every person is genetically unique having our own special qualities and talents. it’s absurd to compare yourself with anyone. Find your voice. I would recommend not spending too much time looking into the updates onb your friends and celebrities at social networking sites.

2) Don’t complicate things. Make do with what you have. You’ll be surprised on what you can do.

Don’t wait for good things to happen. Take action. I’ve tried waiting before. It only made me feel depressed. I learned this lesson from developing brands at work where we just make do of the resources available because of the limited budget. It’s amazing to think that the businesses we opened just came from this practice.

3) Have pride and cherish yourself. If you made a mistake, move on and do better next time.

There will always be a line between right and wrong. Always be on the side of the right and good. But if ever you did wrong, do what you must and ask for forgiveness. After that, focus on becoming a better person.

4) Take time to learn.

I would call this my stress-buster. Working 6-days a week is pretty draining. To make my life my exciting and less dull, I do this. Exploration gives me hope.

I think my quarter-life crisis is almost over.