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I remember when I was just this chubby little kid with just one sweet friend in the corner of the classroom. I always had my head down, too shy to say hi to my crush or to simply talk to my classmates while they colored in groups for our art assignment. I was freakishly scared of my teachers that one time I poo-pooed inside the classroom much to my unlucky seat mate’s uniform.

Life was simple, yet I really felt that I needed to have a break through of some sort. Even though I was able to enter contests and win some of them, I was still this uberly silent kid with her own world.

You could imagine the relief/tension that I felt when my parents announced that we will be moving from Manila to Quezon City. It was a BIG chance to turn on a new leaf, to introduce and invent a new me to other kids. I was nervous but at the same time I had no choice but to bite the opportunity, close my eyes and just go for it.

That feeling is quite similar to what I’m feeling now. Please vote for me for the Big Blog Exchange Competition. You can vote just by clicking on my site’s sidebar and confirming with your email address. If ever I get to be one of the finalists, I could get to swap lives with other people of other countries. Cross-fingers.
Also, if you felt that this post was a cliff-hanger, no worries. I plan to post a series of memoir posts of my childhood, teenager, and adult years in this blog.