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I’m a firm believer of time capsules, particularly on writing letter to myself. It really shows how much I’ve changed as a person and a constant reminder that I should level-up as I grow older. Here’s my letter for the April 2014 version of myself.

Hello. How are you? I hope you’re closer to the things that satisfy you and you’re actually doing something worthwhile of your time. I mean, you’re investing your efforts in your own business and not just swallowing bullshit from other people.
I hope you’ve done travelling and not just stayed cooped up at work or wasted precious time daydreaming watching your favorite television shows and kdramas online. You really really need to change your habit of wasting time on useless things/people.
I hope you have more self-respect and self-confidence in your talent and capabilities enough to go on amazing adventures and find love.
And lastly, I hope your richer and sexier than the me now 🙂 PS If you’re depressed right now, I hope you won’t stop believing that you are capable of doing big things. After all, hindi ka pa naman patay diba?

-Diana April 2013