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Oh the stress of deadlines and thoughtful pride. Hello again. As I said before, I have gone luka luka and chosen the path of entrepreneurship. I have set the date that by the end of October, my store should start pre-selling,atleast, to catch up with the “ber” months. As you all know, the “ber” months is the time period when the whole of humanity spends a lot of their money because of bonuses and gift-giving traditions. Instinct tells me that if I miss the timing then all will be lost. Going back, that is the first 70% of my stress. The remaining 30% comes from the fact that I have been strategically spreading the word to my friends that I have quit my day job and decided to go do my own thing. This partly motivates me not to quit, turn aside frustration and focus on the tasks to be done to catch up with my self-inflicted deadline. Because if I fail, goodbye my pride and reputation! and hello red-cheeked embarrassment and below the belt teasing. That’s my update for now!
Meanwhile, I’d like to share some cute cat pictures I shot while walking in Roxas Boulevard, Manila Bay.