A Visit To Nico’s Office











20130325-212507.jpgSome days ago, I finally was able to visit Nico’s office. Nico is one of the most creative people I have ever met that sometimes exchanging ideas with him makes me feel so bland. What’s so special about his office? Well last December (when I was cramming for the launching of Gyuma), Nico was also fixing the design aesthetic of his office too. He was so stressed doing double duty renovating and also doing the designs for our projects. So I was very excited to know that I had an excuse to visit here. My favorite part were the mural writings inside their comfort room. Love the idea!


Nostalgic 1990s: Shy Me


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I remember when I was just this chubby little kid with just one sweet friend in the corner of the classroom. I always had my head down, too shy to say hi to my crush or to simply talk to my classmates while they colored in groups for our art assignment. I was freakishly scared of my teachers that one time I poo-pooed inside the classroom much to my unlucky seat mate’s uniform.

Life was simple, yet I really felt that I needed to have a break through of some sort. Even though I was able to enter contests and win some of them, I was still this uberly silent kid with her own world.

You could imagine the relief/tension that I felt when my parents announced that we will be moving from Manila to Quezon City. It was a BIG chance to turn on a new leaf, to introduce and invent a new me to other kids. I was nervous but at the same time I had no choice but to bite the opportunity, close my eyes and just go for it.

That feeling is quite similar to what I’m feeling now. Please vote for me for the Big Blog Exchange Competition. You can vote just by clicking on my site’s sidebar and confirming with your email address. If ever I get to be one of the finalists, I could get to swap lives with other people of other countries. Cross-fingers.
Also, if you felt that this post was a cliff-hanger, no worries. I plan to post a series of memoir posts of my childhood, teenager, and adult years in this blog.

Cute Polvoron And Sweet Inutak


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I really do succumb to cuteness marketing. Despite my practical conscience’s ramblings of “do not buy”, my hand took hold of my wallet and bought these cute but expensive polvoron cupcakes. 20130318-211537.jpg

20130318-211552.jpgAren’t they cute? I never played the game, but I really loved that they designed this as a replica of Plants vs Zombies.20130318-211603.jpg

20130318-211618.jpgOh and I also bought this inutak dessert. It’s a sinfully sweet and delicious rice cake, a native Filipino dessert. Tasting it for the first time, I’m quite sure I’ll buy another one again. Lord help me. I’ve zoned out of my diet regimen again.


The Unstuck App


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Hello. I just wanted to share this amazing mobile application that I just discovered. The Unstuck App

Basically this app should supposedly help you get unstuck in whatever situation you’re in right now in your life. Say you’re in a quarter-life crisis situation like me. You just need to answer some questions and the app would give you guidelines to solve the problem. Pretty cool actually. When I tried this, I got this result.

Apparently I’m a perplexed planner. I need to plan my life better instead of planning my job. The “Unstuck” app is available at the apple store only as far as I know. Sorry android peeps.

Relaxing at the Night Market


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Sometimes going to a night market is relaxing. Trying out new food (like my japadog) and looking at Makati’s night view makes me forget all the technicalities and problems of life in all its aspects. I’m really getting suffocated of enclosed offices and enclosed malls.

By the way, this night market that I went to is called Cucina Andare. It’s at the park right smack in the middle of Glorietta Malls and Shangrila Hotel. It opens late in the evening until the 3 AM in the morning on weekends. Great view. Very accessible. Really relaxing.


Lazy Food: Salted Egg with Fresh Tomatoes


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My work has been so hectic nowadays (I’m cramming to launch two new brands) that I’m absolutely crazy for some simple comfort food. Being a lazy cook (as all of my strength has been zapped spent from working), I just prepared my usual salted egg with tomatoes.


The thing that I like about this is that you need only seconds to prepare ( just slice ’em egg and tomatoes) and you’re ready to eat a highly delicious yet healthy food. It doesn’t hurt that the ingredients are so easily accessible and affordable.
This is best eaten with lots of white rice. I’m not sure if you have eaten this in your part of the world but if you haven’t…then you should try it out. Maybe this could become your latest lazy/comfort food.

Nostalgic 1990s : Japanese Anime


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Oh those days…when I was just crazy in love with Japanese anime.

Memorizing those catchy opening and closing songs. Downloading those anime wallpapers for almost 30 minutes with the state-of-art internet connection using our blocky, white computers. Saving my image collection in those multiple square floppy disks in colorful order (back then the memory was just in megabytes)

Shrieking with unexplainable joy when Sailormoon, Ghostfighter, Fushigi Yuugi, Cardcaptor Sakura, Flame of Recca, Neon Evangelion, Samurai X, Fruit Basket, Ouran High School Host Club etcetera etcetera was playing on the television. When I wasn’t satisfied with the last episode, I wrote fanfiction. I remember even having crushes on some of the male characters.

I was a full-blown anime freak. I laughed, I cried and I shouted my magical transformation spell with them. It was really fun being a child of the 1990s. ZF.

My Personal Stress Buster Equation


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I don’t know about you but stress (as I got older) is dominating a large part of my limited human life. I’ve actually been hospitalized because of it. Considering all the suicides, terrorist attacks and rallying happening around the world, my personal stress can still be considered as miniscule.

Still just because it’s my life, I’ve come up with this equation. How about you? Do you have your own stress buster equation? Share it please! I might get some tips.

Food Experiment #1 Iced Coffee





Since the weather was becoming warm and since I’m a coffee lover, I’m always craving for some iced coffee. I like it freezingly cold. One day I thought, why not make coffee ice cubes instead? To make this, I simply mixed my blend of coffee minus the milk and put it inside the freezer. When I’m craving for my coffee, I just take it out, put it in a cup and pour milk over it. Very convenient.

Photo Diary For The Eve of Chinese New Year


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We, Chinese people really take our new year seriously. Dress code is red not black. Members of the family are required to complete. And you have to go to chinatown (just joking).
Well as it so happened we went to the Lucky Chinatown mall and they do have quite the line-up. From the decors to the celebrity concerts not to mention the costumed actors, it was fun 🙂 Happy year of the Snake!