It really has taken a while to write a proper introduction of myself. Probably because I have this procrastinating characteristic of doing things for myself.
Hi I’m Diana but I’ll be using Zoey Fai as an alias for my blog. The reason behind such an alias? I simply wanted to make a reincarnation of myself. I wanted to start a new beginning, a new perspective and a new life. Zoey Fai literally means Life Beginning.
You see, as any other average Jane, I let time flew past me. I graduated from this prestigious school in the Philippines knowing only to study study and study. I learned the hard way that finding and doing what you love should be top priority. My life today is a whirlwind full of the work to home routine and honestly, I am not happy.
I named this blog as Simply Ridiculous because the word “ridiculous” can be two things: 1) something that is worthless or made fun of or 2) something that is incredibly awesome and unique. This blog would be a self project of sorts to motivate me, a millennial late-bloomer, to do things for myself and act as my diary so that I could pat myself with a “good job” in the future. Mind you, I really do not want to waste my life.
So hello blogosphere! I hope I don’t bore you with my life antics and dramatic rants.

PS The view above is from Manila Bay where you can get the most awesome sunset view and where I usually hangout to stare blankly and think of what ifs


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